Using social media: Getting your strategies right

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I have been a keen follower of Twitter for several years. It gives me up-to-date information, is easy to follow and – it only takes a few words to get the gist. Twitter is the absolute antidote to long essays, a huge benefit for anybody living a busy life!

But, what is the correct way to use social media? Some users prefer to be constantly connected and active. Others have a more conservative approach.

For me social media is a way to stay informed, both professionally and personally. It helps me keep in touch with family and friends back home in Sweden (since work has taken me to Munich). Even so, before taking my first step into the sphere of social media I decided to get my strategies right.

My 5 must-answer-questions before getting into social media:
1) Why do I want to use social media in the first place?
2) What is my goal with using the specific media?
3) Do I want to tweet and post actively? (That does take some time)
4) How public do I want to be?
5) What kind of digital footprint do I want to leave on the web?

Social mediaAs a CEO of a large company I rarely do something without having my goals clear, this goes with the profession. Setting out the path for using social media was similar to making a business decision.

Obviously everybody has different answers to the above questions. There is no right or wrong answer. The important thing is to think before acting, and then go ahead. Social media is a great tool that can make life easier and more fun, provided it is used the right way.

I personally use Linked In, Facebook and Twitter, and my approach for each one is different. However, as a general rule I prefer to have a conservative approach.

Twitter for quick updates
Twitter is definitely the social media of my choice. It lets me choose the exact information I want to access. I follow the stream from various daily newspapers and newsproducers. I also get the latest information about business news, competitors, airports, restaurants, wine producers and much more.

Facebook for keeping in touch
Since my work takes me all over the world, Facebook is a way to keep in touch with friends and family. As a conservative Facebook user I only add friends that I actually have a close relationship to in real life. I rarely take the time to post up-dates myself.

LinkedIn for professional reasons
LinkedIn is purely business. I use it to get to know competent professionals across the globe.

Answering the five questions does not take too much time. And once you get your strategies right there is a whole world out there to connect with and get information from.

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