Up in the air – the art of making business travelling enjoyable

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Stressed out business travellersAs I am writing this I just landed after a long flight between São Paulo, Brazil, and Munich, Germany. In a few hours I am catching another plane in order to attend next meeting. I spend many days a year crossing the globe, and I am well aware that travelling can be painful. Delayed flights, crowded airports and inefficient security checks can cause stress, a lot of stress.

I have seen many well mannered business people suddenly turning nasty and rude the moment they enter an airport. With bags in hands and elbows out they make sure nobody has a chance to board the aircraft before them.  Once airborne, the business man (I have no prejudices – but I rarely see aggressive business women at the airports) starts up his computer and taps away on the keyboard, making sure all e-mails can be sent off immediately after landing. And the moment the wheels touch ground Blackberries and Iphones are switched on. Frustration grows. Teeth grind. Stress mounts. Does it have to be like this?

Years ago I too used to turn into one of these unbearable business men. However, time has made me wiser. Nowadays I keep my energy up following some common sense rules.

I always arrive early at the airport
Actually, I am proud to say that I have never missed a flight. Getting to the airport with plenty of time on hand is such a stress reliever. There is absolutely no reason to be late. I can get plenty of work done in the airport.

I keep luggage, clothing and loose items to a minimum
Not having to check in a suitcase is a huge time saver, and less is definitely more when it comes to making it through the security control. I keep jackets, belts, bags and other unnecessary items to a minimum.

I make sure to have access to a business lounge
Getting some work done at the airport requires peace and quiet, a commodity that is to be found at the business lounge. There are three ways to achieve access: Through a Diners Credit Card, with a Priority Pass or having collected enough frequent flyer points.

I use the Online Check-in service
Most airlines have this service available 24 hours before flight departure time. With no bags to check in and boarding pass in hand I can head straight to the lounge. Checking in online also gives me the benefit of choosing an aisle seat way in front. This allows me to get off the plane quickly and saves me from climbing over my fellow passengers if I want to visit the restroom.

I am the last passenger to get on the plane
There is nothing like the turmoil that emerges when a large group of travelers enters a plane at the same time. Hand luggage, elbows and coats swing through the reduced space. So even if I am early to the airport I make sure to be the last one to board the plane.  This way I can also spot if there is a free row of seats available. Not having to be jammed in with strangers for hours makes travelling so much easier.

It is amazing how some common sense rules can keep the blood pressure down and spirits high. Business travelling actually can be quite enjoyable.










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