The secret of success: Listen to your patients

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As CEO, my task is to lead the company into the future. No matter how long one has been in business, one can never rest on ones laurels for too long. Securing the future is the main responsibility of any CEO. Quite often I think about what success really means and how it can be used to influence. There are many books about this topic but you can only really understand it when looking at reality. Here is a current case that serves as a good example to me.

The secret of success

A few weeks ago I joined the official inauguration of our four new renal centres in Birmingham, UK and it was one of the days that made me feel very proud. Our UK team had transferred 450 patients to four newly built dialysis centres in the course of only one day — a mammoth task that ended very successfully thanks to great support from colleagues from different parts of the world who travelled to Birmingham to be part of this team effort.

Talking to our patients and our staff in the new clinics it was clear that the secret behind this success story was the fact that we listened to the needs of our patients. The team only had a few months to prepare the move, but during that time they were in a constant dialogue with their future patients and also future members of staff. They asked the patients questions such as “What is important for you to feel secure in the clinic?”, “What makes it a revitalising experience?”, “ How do you want to work in the new environment?” The UK team then frequently showed what the patients asked for (“you said”) and how Diaverum turned these ideas around (“we did”). And this approach — you said, we did — paid off resulting in highly satisfied patients that put their trust in Diaverum from day one and motivated employees delivering the best service to the patients. We managed to create a win-win situation and a successful base in Birmingham from which we will continue to grow the business and secure strong financial performance as a consequence of working closely with patients and staff to deliver the very best patient care and work environment.

That is an example of what success means for me.



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